There are 70 million diagnosed worldwide ... Among those 2 million only in Brazil!

About 1 in 68 children has been identified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

| CDC's Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network

In addition to medical costs, intensive behavioral interventions for children with ASD cost $40,000 to $60,000 per child per year.

| Amendah, D., Grosse, S.D., Peacock, G., & Mandell, D.S. (2011). The economic costs of autism: A review.

Our biggest worry is not decrease the statistics, we are here to provide the best way of autistics be seen as they really are. Like normal people. But how? Get to know us below...

What is the cangame?

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It is a group of support tools for parents, doctors, educators that deal with autism and for companies that offer supported employment, providing a fun way to perform the activities of daily life and communication, promoting greater social autonomy for people with autism!

Created for You!

Created by young people who feel touched by Autism theme and apply their knowledges to change the reality. Want to join our team? Contact us below.

The smile is the most important thing!

We want to provide what is best in life, happiness! As a father to understand his son, a child being able to communicate, the first supported employment, the first routine of learning and others ... To do this, know our products below!

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Cangame Maker is a personalized learning tool for Autistic people with ADHD, attention deficit and disorders involving the learning.
Providing a personalized and specific learning in each case, the application provides real follow-up treatment, so you can follow and check the entire process in a simple and complete way.


We are creating a series of videos with examples of activities that can be created through Cangame Maker!
Not to miss anyone, follow our YouTube channel! There you can also find testimonials of those who already used the Cangame and more.
Or, we developed the Cangame Maker Guidebook! A very simple and easy language that will provide you to use everything that we prepared!

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for tablets


CanGame Learn is a tool to support parents, physicians and educators who treat people with autism, ADHD, Down Syndrome and other learning disabilities, as it provides the creation of games that stimulate cognitive development, speech, communication and auditory and visual perception.

"Your School at Home!"

Using the creativity, the professional or responsible person can construct suitable tasks, making use of images, texts, audios and videos applied in activities of Association, Karaoke, Routine, Sequence and Cinema. All this with the purpose of improving and stimulating the development of each one.

Another important resource is the monitoring of individual evolution, based on automatic reports obtained during the execution of the activities. This feature makes it easy to see what activities are planned or not.

Tutorials under construction!


Cangame Health is the best way to find the professional, institution and educators according to the specifics required. Thinking about the value of patients and professionals who are committed to the value of a blue smile!

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kinect version


Customizable game to treatment and learning of the Autistic. Using the Microsoft Kinect, environments and activities are designed for make the autistic most comfortable in their use, because it is by the act of playing that are practiced leveling motor exercises, daily activities, communication and speech!

""By the act of playing, we promote new
learning experiences!"
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Get to know the first Social Technologies Development Hub that will aim to develop software and applications in order to improve the daily lives and learning of autistic, empowering and professionalizing for the labor market, aiming, of course, cater the needs within each phase of the autistic.

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We hold Online Conferences with the theme of Autism, ADHD, Down Syndrome, attention decifit among other learning disorders.
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"For us, the value of a smile is not just a moment, but rather a full and lasting happiness."

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